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The Wisdom of the Heart

Luigina Mortari

The Wisdom of the Heart Thinking Emotions, Feeling Thoughts

Paru en février 2024

Zeta Books - Zeta Books

Prix : 24,00 €

188 pages - 13 × 20 × 0,9 cm
ISBN 978-606-697-165-2 - février 2024


Emotions, feelings and passions shape the quality of our existence, but we are not always aware of the ways in which our emotional life is expressed. In fact, we tend to live irreflectively. What self-care enables us to cultivate the affective side for the benefit of the quality of existence? And how is it possible to nurture the positive affections, which generate vital feelings, and scale back the negative ones, which jeopardize our relationship with ourselves and others? Answering these questions means drawing a horizon in the light of which to assess whether and how far our beliefs are appropriate for the good life. It means creating the foundation for the best possible life. From this perspective, developing the capacity for affective self-understanding is an indispensable existential goal.