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Kant and the Metaphors of Reason

Patricia Kauark-Leite, Giorgia Cecchinato, Virginia de Araujo Figueiredo, Margit Ruffing, Alice Serra (eds.)

Kant and the Metaphors of Reason

Paru en novembre 2015

Georg Olms Verlag - Europaea Memoria

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620 pages - 16 × 24 cm
ISBN 978-3-487-15124-3 - novembre 2015


In recent decades, metaphor has become a respectable and central theme in philosophy. In his critical philosophy, Kant treats this theme in terms of the notions of analogy and symbolization. In addition to contributing significantly to the development of our understanding of the role played by images, metaphors and symbols in both theoretical and practical issues, Kant is also widely recognized as a great creator of metaphors in his own right. Symbols, analogies and aesthetic ideas are undeniably metaphorical processes, which fulfill a function in Kant’s philosophical language that is as fundamental as it is systematic. This collected volume is the result of a recent initiative on the part of an international group of Kantian philosophers and scholars to promote research on topics that have yet to be thoroughly explored in academic research. This is certainly true of the topic of metaphor in Kant’s philosophy, to which the present volume is devoted.