Kant und die Auklärung

Luigi Cataldi Madonna et Paola Rumore (dir.)

Kant und die Auklärung

Paru en février 2012

Georg Olms Verlag - Europaea Memoria

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422 pages - 16 × 24 cm
ISBN 978-3-487-14732-1 - février 2012


The question of Kant’s relationship with the Enlightenment is an old one but remains a focus of philosophical reflection. It remains the case that this relationship can be understood in very different ways and these different conceptions give rise to a variety of research perspectives – from the angle of the history of philosophy and of ideas to that of the interpretation of Kant’s own thought. The contributions to the International Kant Conference in Sulmona (24th-18th March 2010) collected in this volume, demonstrate the many different approaches to interpreting the theme of « Kant and the Enlightenment » and its abiding relevance in scholarship.