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Lecturae Platonis

Academia Verlag

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1.The Soul/Body Problem in Platon and Aristotle
Diego Zucca and Roberto Medda (eds.)

Academia Verlag, Lecturae Platonis
This book concerns the soul/body problem in Plato and Aristotle. Established as well as early career scholars actually working on Plato and Aristotle explore – under different points of view as well as through original readings and interpretations – the manifold dimensions involved in the...

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2.By the Sophists to Aristotle through Plato
Elisabetta Cattanei, Arinna Fermani, Maurizio Migliori (eds.)

Academia Verlag, Lecturae Platonis
There is a substantial difference between our way of “philosophizing”, born out of Descartes’clear and well-defined thinking and bent on building alternative (aut-aut) models, and the classical (especially Platonic-Aristotelian) way where a constant use of technical and methodical pluralism...

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3.In the Mirror of the Phaedrus
Mário Jorge de Carvalho, António de Castro Caeiro and Hélder Telo (eds.)

Academia Verlag, Lecturae Platonis
The title of this volume alludes to Phaedrus 255d, where Socrates says that the lover is, as it were, the mirror in which the beloved beholds himself. Mirrors provide a chance to overcome some of the natural limitations of vision – and in particular they enable us to see that which...

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4.Euthydemus Ethics and Language
Samuel Scolnicov

Academia Verlag, Lecturae Platonis
Euthydemus was for a long time and until quite recently a neglected dialogue of Plato, almost by common accord treated as a motley collection of barely disguised sophistic fallacies. This book shows not only that the dialogue is to be taken seriously, but also that it is, in fact, a very...

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5.Inner Life and Soul Psyché in Plato
Maurizio Migliori, Linda Napolitano, Arianna Fermani (eds.)

Academia Verlag, Lecturae Platonis
The concept of the soul, one of the greatest « inventions » of Greek philosophy, which crossed the whole history of the Western civilisation, was defined in its fundamental philosophical features by Plato. Developing the numerous issues naturally linked to this concept, Plato’s...

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6.Formal Structures in Plato’s Dialogues
Francisco L. Lisi, Maurizio Migliori, Josep Monserrat-Molas (eds.)

Academia Verlag, Lecturae Platonis

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7.Plato’s Sophist Value and Limitations of Ontology
Maurizio Migliori

Academia Verlag, Lecturae Platonis
This reading of the Sophist differs from traditional ones.
An author must be read in the light of the way he writes. It is common knowledge that Plato’s writing technique represents one of the central issues for all scholars. Here the argued thesis is that Plato is a good teacher in the...

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8.Plato Ethicus
Maurizio Migliori, Linda M Napolitano Valditara (eds)

Academia Verlag, Lecturae Platonis
This book includes selected papers from the International Colloquium “Plato Ethicus : philosophy is life” held at Piacenza (Italy) in 2003.
The variety of approaches adopted on the issue of Platonic ethics is very wide : however two commonly-held opinions emerge from these essays....

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9.City and soul in Plato’s Republic
G.R.F. Ferrari

Academia Verlag, Lecturae Platonis
The city-soul analogy is a proeminent and much misunderstood feature of the arguments of Plato’s Republic. This book takes a fresh view of the city-soul analogy and applies that new understanding to the interpretation of the dialogue’s overall point and to manu of its major themes, as...

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10.Die Idee des Guten in Platons Politea Beobachtungen zu den mittleren Büchern
Thomas A. Szlezak

Academia Verlag, Lecturae Platonis
In sachlicher Auseinandersetzung mit den im 20 Jh gängigen Deutungen der mittleren Bücher von Platons Hauptwerk wird hier gezeigt : Erstens daß zwischen der Metaphysik der Politeia und der Darstellung der Philosophie Platons bei Aristoteles (Metaph. A6 ) kein Widerspruch besteht, zweitens...

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