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Power and Liberal Society

Jonathan Hearn (ed.)

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For all its divisions and disputes, the traditions of theorising about power that come to us through the European heritage of ideas, down to contemporary philosophy, social sciences and humanities, nonetheless bear the impress of a particular set of social problems and concerns. And today, these are typically the problems of liberal society. So very frequently, what are offered as general, rather timeless and a-cultural statements about the nature of power, actually need to be understood in a more specific historical context.
The contributors to this volume represent a range of disciplinary orientations, though none would want to be too rigidly bound by disciplinary associations. Richard Lachmann and Jonathan Hearn are, broadly, political, historical and comparative sociologists. Mark Haugaard is probably best described as a general social theorist. Peter Morriss works in the vein of analytic, ordinary language oriented philosophy. And Pamela Pansardi can be described as a normative political theorist. These essays define a kind of journey, from Lachmann’s more descriptive sociological account of the predicament posed by global warming for the fate of modern states based on citizenship and liberal principles, through more theoretical and philosophical explorations of the nature of the idea of freedom in the essays by Haugaard and Morriss, to discussions of the problems of inequality and maldistribution of power, first in a more conceptual and normative analysis by Pansardi, and then in a historical and theoretical analysis by Hearn.

Texts by : M. Haugaard, J. Hearn, R. Lachmann, P. Morriss, P. Pansardi.

Revue Internationale de Philosophie - Revue Internationale de Philosophie, 275 (1/2016)
128 pages - 16 × 24 cm
ISBN 978-2-930560-26-7 - mars 2016



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